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Advanced Grammar

The ACE Certificate in Advanced Grammar for English Teachers is designed for English language teachers who are interested in becoming more comfortable with complex grammar structures.  Participants will analyze the form and use of twenty of the most challenging structures of English grammar, identify common student challenges with the structures and complete numerous lesson planning tasks in order to practice teaching these structures in a meaningful and interesting way.  The course is offere

Classroom-based Planning and Assessment Incorporating the CLB

This 10 week on-line course is part of the Post-TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) for TESL Ontario. The course is designed for instructors who want to increase their classroom planning and assessment skills in programs that use the CLB. The first part of the course will focus on the planning process and explore some of the key assumptions and implications of using the CLB for planning.

Developing Materials for the Language Classroom

This course provides English language teachers with an introduction to the world of second language materials development. Participants will select and create language learning materials as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

How to Teach Pronunciation to ESL Students

The following six content areas comprise the content of this PTCT course: fundamental concepts in the teaching of pronunciation, teaching the pronunciation of consonants, teaching the pronunciation of vowels, teaching word stress, teaching rhythm, and teaching intonation.

Language Teaching and Technology-Part One

The ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology Part One is a 35-hour course designed for ESL teachers who want to become more knowledgeable, skilled and confident in the use of a wide variety of technology tools for language teaching purposes. In this hands-on course participants complete basic tasks with the technology tools, with the end goal of classroom application in mind.

Language Teaching and Technology-Part Three

The ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology, Part Three focuses on how to teach language in a fully online modality, as opposed to a blended learning modality. The course consists of an orientation module, four methodology modules and eight practice teaching modules to be completed in 30 instructional hours.

Language Teaching and Technology-Part Two

The ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology Part Two is a 35-hour of course for ESL teachers who want to continue to develop their technology skills as applied to language teaching.  Participants will start the course by evaluating research on the effectiveness of educational technology.  They will then complete tasks with additional technology tools including live presentation tools, collaboration tools, quiz and game tools and mobile tools.

Teaching English for Academic Purposes

The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes is designed for teachers who would like to learn how to prepare students for entry into an English-speaking higher education program, either at the college or the university level.  The course provides you with techniques for teaching the four language skills and the language systems as used in an academic context.

Teaching ESL Literacy

This course provides ESL teachers with an introduction to working with learners with interrupted formal education (LIFE).  These learners are acquiring basic literacy for the first time in any language due to limited or interrupted formal education.  Although the course focuses on the needs of learners with 0 – 4 years of past education, it recognizes that ESL Literacy is a continuum and that many ESL learners with interrupted education past this point require specialized learning contexts as

Teaching Listening and Speaking Using Technology

Teaching Listening and Speaking with Technology, offered as a post-TESL certificate course, focuses on the use of Internet tools and applications which can be employed to facilitate development of listening and speaking skills in second language learners. Students registered for this blended course can attend class onsite or join class sessions online in real time through Blackboard Collaborate, a web-conferencing environment.

Teaching Occupation Specific Language

The ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language is designed to introduce you to how to teach English for workplace, occupational and professional contexts. The course provides you with solid frameworks and approaches for teaching the four language skills and the language systems in any work or professional context. Topics covered include teaching techniques, course design, materials evaluation and selection, assessment techniques and workplace culture.

Teaching Standardized Test Preparation

The ACE Certificate in Teaching Standardized Test Preparation is designed to introduce language instructors to the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to helpstudents be successful on a variety of standardized English language proficiency tests, including TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge Exams.  Participants are also introduced to some of the newer standardized tests including the Pearson Test of English, as well as some of the smaller standardized tests such as CAEL and CanTest.   T

Teaching TOEFL Preparation

This 30-hour Post TESL Certificate training course in Teaching TOEFL Preparation is fully conducted online. The course is divided into 4 modules and includes an online Discussion Forum. The modules include: an Introduction to the TOEFL test and other language proficiency tests, TOEFL Language Skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing), TOEFL Building Skills (grammar, pronunciation, supporting skills), and Lesson Development for teaching TOEFL preparation.