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Teaching ESL Literacy

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This course provides ESL teachers with an introduction to working with learners with interrupted formal education (LIFE).  These learners are acquiring basic literacy for the first time in any language due to limited or interrupted formal education.  Although the course focuses on the needs of learners with 0 – 4 years of past education, it recognizes that ESL Literacy is a continuum and that many ESL learners with interrupted education past this point require specialized learning contexts as well. 

The first half of the course familiarizes students with the strengths and needs of LIFE as well as learning about some Canadian standards for recognizing the phases of literacy acquisition LIFE may need to pass through.  It will examine how to recognize and place LIFE into supportive and effective learning contexts.  In the middle of the course, students will consolidate their knowledge of this demographic by developing a set of “best practices”.  The last half of the course will provide a practical milieu to best practices in action as students: explore specific needs, plan for assessment, set outcomes, explore unit plans, develop a lesson plan, and contribute to a community of practice.

Modality: In-class Saturdays and Wednesday evenings
Site Location (if applicable): Bathurst Heights Adult Centre at John Polyani Collegiate Institute
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